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Meet The Therapist - Melissa Soltero

Therapist of the Week!

Melissa came to her bodywork practice after teaching pilates for many years.  She would frequently find herself tending to her clients many aches and pains by providing a quick massage.  As time went by, the call to get her license as a massage therapist became quite clear and she has happily added it to her repertoire.  During her time in school she also decided to fulfill her dream of moving to the mountains.  Being an active person has definitely made her realize the importance of regular bodywork and she is always excited to share her love of that with everyone she works with.  Melissa's specialties are Swedish Massage this massage is for someone who like very light pressure, Sports Massage is for someone who has a very active life, in this Massage there will be a lot of stretching with Deep Tissue Massage incorporated, and the Deep Tissue Massage- the  Massage Therapist will be using very deep pressure using their forearms and elbows.