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The Spa at the Sierra Nevada resort is a space for renewing one’s mind and body. It is a refuge from the everyday world, and a place to restore yourself as you are surrounded by calm healing colors, stunning views and attentive staff. Professionally trained aestheticians and massage therapists focus on nourishing and stimulating the skin, giving you a renewed sense of relaxation.

The Spa is a great place for bridal parties, team member appreciations and more. We can accommodate groups looking for revitalizing spa experiences.

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High Sierra Swedish Massage
Getting back to the basics, this Swedish based massage soothes tired muscles, reduces tension, improves circulation and restores harmony. Recommended for those new to bodywork or desiring a light to medium pressure relaxing massage.

50 minutes / $110
80 minutes / $135

50 minutes / $220
80 minutes / $270



Mountain High Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
A more intense, deep – muscle style massage utilizing a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques aimed at increasing flexibility and providing relief from chronic pain, spasms and muscle fatigue.

50 minutes / $120 
80 minutes / $145

50 minutes / $240
80 minutes / $290


Skiers & Hikers Sports Massage
A combination of traditional massage with stretching and trigger-point therapy which targets muscles commonly used in athletic activities. This deep tissue style massage is ideal for enhancing athletic performance as well as muscle recovery after exertion.

50 minutes / $120
80 minutes / $145


Enjoy a relaxing treatment for your feet, hands and scalp. The nerves in your hands and feet will be stimulated by thumb pressure being applied to the reflex-points on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands releasing tension, reducing fatigue and improving physical balance to the entire body.

50 minutes / $120


Mammoth Hot Stone Massage
The ultimate relaxation. Warms stones to alleviate pain and soothe the soul. Smooth river stones are heated and used to perform an intensely and warm full body massage. Giving you a grounding and balancing experience.

50 minutes / $130 
80 minutes / $180

50 minutes / $260
80 minutes / $360