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Tips for Winter Gear in Mammoth Lakes!

What Do I Need to Stay Warm for My Winter Vacation?

Winter Clothing is an important part of life in the Eastern Sierra! 

Here are a few tips and tricks to purchasing your winter gear. 

1. Purchase your gear from a reputable retailer that carries quality goods. 

Local stores in Mammoth Lakes include P3, Kitteredge Sporting Goods, Wave Rave, and Mammoth Mountaineering. The Local Thrift Store Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra is also a great place to find winter clothing at a good price! The staff at these stores are very knowlegable about winter clothing and based on your level of adventuring they can reccomend the best wardrobe for you. 

2. Stay away from cotton! Cotton is one of the worst materials you could wear if planning on being wet and cold.

3. Merino Wool and Gortex are your friend. I would recomend a merino wool base layer with a gortex outer shell to provide water proofing. 

4. Dress in Layers, when you dress in layers it creates airpockets inbetween the layers creating additional insulation. 

5. Buy Good Gloves, good gloves are one of the most important items you will buy. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a powder day when you can't feel your hands! 

6. Socks, again merino wool is your friend look for Smart Wool brand or something comparable. 

7. Get a Puffy! Aside from the obvious fashion reason a good down puffy jacket is a must have in the mountains. They can be rolled up to fit in nearly any day pack, and are great for staying warm when you need that extra layer!

8. Protect Your Eyes! Purchase sunglasses for off the slopes and goggles for on the slopes. In Mammoth Lakes the sun can be quite powerful even if it is cold outside. Protect your eyes with good lenses. Talk to a local retailer about which glasses/goggles are best for you and your budget. 

9. Join Buy Sell Trade Mammoth on Face Book! Buy Sell Trade Mammoth is a closed group on facebook where people buy sell and barter gear all of the time. You can find some great deals!