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There are numerous lakes in the region that provide plenty of opportunities for canoeing and kayaking. Visit Mono Lake, Grant Lake, or the majestic mountain scapes of Crowley Lake. It can provide a place to just get away and enjoy some silence or offer a fun-filled time for the entire family. Many people come out during the warmer months of the year to rent canoes, kayaks, or even jetskis, boats and boating equipment to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


Caldera Kayaks - (760) 934-1691
Crowley Lake Fish Camp - (760) 935-4301
Grant Lake Marina - (760) 648-7964
Lake Mary Marina - (760) 934-5353
Mammoth Kayaks - (866) 686-9257
Mono Lake Foundation - (760) 647-6595
Pokonobe Resort - (760) 934-2437
Twin Lakes Store - (760) 934-7295