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Mammoth Hot Springs

Your Guide to soaking in Mammoth Lakes!

Photo By Jim PurdumHot Springs In Mammoth Lakes 

After a long day on the slopes there is nothing better than enjoying a soak in one of Mammoth Lakes Natural Hot Springs. The Long Valley Caldera Offers a geological paradise where geothermal activity super heats water sources for your soaking pleasure. There are several hotsprings in the Mammoth Lakes area, some are harder to find than others. Two of our favorites include Wild Willies Hots Springs and Hill top Hot tub. These two tubs are fairly easy to find on a map or via gps on your phone. Located just off HWY 395 just 15 minutes south of Mammoth Lakes These tubs are prime for soaking tired muscles. Both Wild Willies and Hill Top Hotsprings mentioned below are free to enjoy, please be aware of Hot Tubbing Etiquette! 


Wild Willies Hot Springs 

Wild Willies Hot Spring featured in the photo above is an oasis of naturally flowing geothermal

water. This is a large tub with a natural bottom that is great for enjoying with friends! 


Hill Top Hot Springs 

Hill Top Hot Springs is a much smaller more intimate tub. With seating for 4-6 people and 360 views of the Eastern Sierra, Hill Top Hotsprings is a great sunset soaking spot! 


Hot Springs Etiquette

  1. Every one has the right to be there! Don't soak all night if people are waiting to get in the springs. If there are people waiting politely inform them of how much longer you plan to enjoy and give them the opportunity to share the hot tub if there is room. 
  2. Don't assume there is room for you! It is always polite to ask the current tubber if they mind you sitting in, if they say no try going to one of the other springs near you, or ask them how long they will be and wait nearby. 
  3. Clean up your trash! You will notice that the Hot Springs in Mammoth are welll taken care of mostly by locals and other traveling hot spring enthusiasts.There is no hired help for cleaning tubs or picking up trash. The reason our hot springs are so enjoyable is because people take care of them.